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Steven Arendt​

Jeff Grass

Rick Wade

Mike Wagner

Curt Haug

Carlo Pensyl

Don Callen

Ryan Modesto

Bryce Dohrman

Jack Henry


Mike Arnold

Mike Premo




Carolyn Arendt

Donna Yuritic

Jean Henry

Sandy Hirdes

Gloria Bible

Ann Woodard

Cindy Nelson

Sylvia Arnold

Chris Moravchik

Steve Hirdes will draw a lady card

Thursday Mixed Doubles Play 5/23/24

 Summer play will use no add scoring for all games. 

A 7 point no add tie break will be played at 5/5. The receiving

team on all sudden death points has choice of service sice. 

Summer rotation times will be 35 minutes (reduced from 45 minutes).

Any questions, please contact Steve Arendt (972) 834-9723

Thank you for signing up!!



If you need to cancel, it is your responsibility to find a sub and let the organizers know.

The lineup is determined by order of sign up. We try our best to evenly fill the courts but may have to move players to the sub list.

Any cancellations within 24 hours, other that medical reasons, are subject to being taken out of future matches.

If you need to cancel after the signup sheet is posted, please call or text one of the organizers.

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