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Court Reservations

Quail Creek Tennis Court Reservations


Reserve My Court –


All tennis court reservations are handled by Reserve MyCourt.  This service will allow you to make tennis court reservations

and check on court availability from the internet, iPhone App, or Android App.

All tennis court reservations will be handled through this system.


Administrators for Reserve My Court:


Debbie Riddell –   520-343-8412


Rick Kimes –




Quail Creek tennis courts are available for play by residents, guests, and renters in Quail Creek.  You do not need to belong the Tennis Club to use the courts or the ball machine.


We currently have six tennis leagues that block off courts for designated club play days and times. (Monday – Saturday) For non-league play, courts can only be reserved seven days in advance.  Organizers of league play will release their unused courts when their lineup is filled and posted.  Usually within 48 hours.  You can use the “Waitlist” option in Reserve My Court for reserving courts that are unavailable.


Courts that are reserved for non-league play will be released after 15 minutes if players are not on the court and ready to play.


Players can only book a maximum of two courts per day, two hours maximum per reservation.






Click on Club Schedule under Quail Creek Tennis Club (left side of your screen)


For First Time Users: Go to the far right and you will see a line that says, “Schedule With” Amenities.   Scroll down to “6 Amenities.”

This will enable you to have full view of all six courts.  You do not have to reset this again.


Click on the date near the top of the calendar to select the date you would like to make a reservation


You have two options to make court reservations:


           1)     Select “Click Here” or


           2)     Click and hold the mouse (or finger) on the time you would like to start your reservation.

                   Drag down to the time you would like the reservation to end and then let go.


After letting go of the mouse, a new reservation window will appear.  Go thru the “Reservation Wizard” and click submittal at the end.


Reservation Setup Wizard:


Enter your:         Court Start time


                           Scroll down and set your reservation length of time, e.g. 2 Hours




                           Select the court(s) you want to reserve


Note:  If the court is already reserved, you can “Waitlist” the court.  As soon as the court is released, you will have the court reserved.

See note below regarding using the Court Waitlist Option.

If you want to reserve the ball machine, you must select Court 6 or Court 5 only.




                            Ignore Singles


                            Select Event Type from the pull-down menu


                            Ignore Participants




Important:  If you did everything correctly and the reservation was made, you will receive a message

"Your Request Has Been Completed"


To edit or delete a court:


Hold your mouse (or finger) on the court date and a menu will appear.  Click on “Cancel Reservation” for you to delete the court.

To edit a reservation, just change what you want to edit in the “Reservation Wizard”.   Make sure to click on “SUMBIT”


Court Reservations Waitlist Option - You have the capability to reserve a court using a waitlist option if the court is currently reserved.

Once the court is released, your reservation will appear as your reservation.

Use the same process as you would to use to reserve a court.

When you get to the “Select Court Amenities to select a court”, you will see the court is labeled waitlist only.

Go ahead and reserve the court.

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