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Signup Genius Online Event Request Form 

Signup Genius Event Request Form

For use by QCTC Board Members and Social Committee Members Only

Person Requesting*

Email Address


(Name of Event or Signup Request)

DATE and TIME of Event

(List all dates and times)

DATE sign-ups requested to START

DATE sign-ups requested to CLOSE

How many (estimate) will be attending?

List sign-up slots needed and quantity for each

(e.g., Set-up and Clean-up (8), desert (5))

Indicate ALL other information below to be included on the main invite. Include font, font size, color.*

Will you require a SUG reminder for this event?
(Reminders are sent out one week prior to the event)


(Questions, concerns or other information)

Thank you! Your completed form was sent successfully. You will be contacted if more information is needed.

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