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Tennis Racket and Ball


April 22, 2024 - Start Time 8:00 AM
Primary Organizer:  Bryce Dohrman (503) 983-3454
Alternate Orga
nizer:  Carlo Pensyl (520)-260-4983

Any problems you must contact the organizer (If Carlo, CALL, do not text.)
You can only signup 1 week in advance.  Subs are chosen on a last in/first out basis.

                               COURT  1:  Kimbrell, Morford, Nowlin, Grass
                               COURT  2:  Vaughn, Dellow, Pensyl, Rusch
                               COURT  3:  Dohrman, Haug, Arendt, Harrison
                               COURT  4:  Wade, Jones, Lundgren, Winter
                               COURT  5:  Milbrath, Epler, Burkey, Shumway
   COURT  6:   NA 
                                                   Subs:  None

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