Quail Creek Resort Community, Sahuarita, Arizona

Sep 2017

Quail Creek Tennis Club

Board Meeting Minutes,

Monday, September 11, 2017

Pam Campbell’s home, 2 PM


Call to Order – 2:05 pm by President Mike Wagner

Attendance – Mike Wagner, David Kidwell, Pam Campbell, Rosie Epler, and Jeanine Van Hoorn (via phone)

Approval of Minutes – May 1, 2017 approved

Monthly Treasurer’s Report (May through August) – Balance 8/31/17 is $6,245.20

  • Players – 155

    Social – 28

Jeanine paid $300.00 for the ‘Reserve My Court’ renewal.  She sent a request to Mike Taylor to reimburse us for half the cost.

Unfinished Business

Rosie brought the new banners that will promote QCTC.  Mike will find somebody to hang them.

Committee Reports

  • Social (Rosie Epler) - We do not have the all the dates from the social committee for socials this season.

Maintenance (David Kidwell) – We do not have extra score tenders on hand.  One (or 2?) need to be replaced so we should order several to have extras available.  There are alternatives to the ones we have been using.  Mike will check on-line to see what is available and order four (4) of them.

David said we need to get nets as there are none in the shed.  Mike will order two (2) nets and then submit the bill to POA.

David said tennis members asked him about the painting of the fence posts on the courts.  Mike said nothing will happen until the wind screens are taken down.

Courts 1 and 6 were resurfaced this past summer.

    1. Communications/PR (Pam Campbell) – Only one mail chimp was sent out – it was a notice of the closing of courts 1 and 6 for resurfacing.
    2. Rules (Dave Winter) – no report
    3. Sunshine (reported by Rosie for Ruth Naponik) – Six cards were sent to tennis club members.

New Business

  • Mike said requests for capital improvements were due in July.  He did not have any response from other board members with suggestions.  He suggested a shade cover for court 6, the only court that does not have any shade.

    At Mike’s request, Mr. Winter entered a budget request for resurfacing Courts 3, 4, and 5 in 2018.

Mike received an email from MyGrove about a free website for clubs that provides an easy way to communicate to members as well as providing on-line play sign-up.  Rosie suggested we wait until the Northstar system is up and running in QC because there will be a court sign-up feature included.

Rosie said Chuck Poffenbarger asked her to take over scheduling for Saturday mixed doubles.  She told him she would think about; Pam said she would help. There was discussion about making a schedule for time changes for the start of play.

Adjournment:  3:00 pm

Next Board Meeting:  October 2, 2017

Place:  Pam Campbell’s home


Respectfully submitted,

Pam Campbell, Secretary