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Saturday Mixed Scramble

Saturday Mixed Scramble 

May 15, 2024 - Start Time 8:00 AM

Set #1

Court #4:  Victor V. + Georgia S.  vs  Don C. + Bev M.

Court #5:  Gerry V. + Charlie P.  vs  Bryce D. + Nancy L.

Set #2

Court #4:  Victor V. + Nancy L.  vs  Don C. + Gerry V.

Court #5:  Charlie P + Bev M.  vs  Bryce D. + Georgia S.

Set #3

Court #4:  Don C.  + Nancy L.  vs  Victor V. + Bryce D.

Court #5:  Gerry V + Bev M.  vs  Charlie P. + Georgia S.




NOTE: If you need to cancel after the line-up is posted, contact the Sub.

Contact the Saturday Coordinator if no subs are available.


Saturday Coordinator: Bryce Dohrman 503-983-3454

Alternate Coordinator: Chris Moravchik 714-232-9422

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