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Organized Play Sign Ups

Organized Play

The object of QCTC organized play is to ensure participation in tennis at all skill levels for members of the club and to make the game of tennis both an enjoyable experience for those beginning to learn the basic skills of tennis and challenging to the more experienced and skillful players.

You must be a member of the QCTC to participate in organized play.

Sign Ups    Sign up for organized play by clicking on the links below. (You will be taken to the "Sign Up Genius" Pages)


Monday Morning:         Men's Doubles                           SIGNUP FOR MONDAY

Tuesday Morning:        Women's Doubles                      SIGNUP FOR TUESDAY

Wednesday Morning:  Men's Doubles                            SIGNUP FOR WEDNESDAY

Thursday Morning:      Mixed Doubles (A & B Level)     SIGNUP FOR THURSDAY

Friday Morning:           Women's Doubles Scramble      SIGNUP FOR FRIDAY

Saturday Morning:       Mixed Scramble                         SIGNUP FOR SATURDAY

You may sign up to play no more than one week in advance.

Sign ups will close 48 hours before the scheduled play day, to allow the organizers adequate time to arrange matches.

Start times change with the seasons. Check the line up sheets (sub-menu for the day) for current start times.

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