Quail Creek Resort Community, Sahuarita, Arizona

Oct 2018 Minutes



OCTOBER 1, 2018


Meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by President, Rosie Epler


Board Members present: Rosie Epler, Ruth Naponick, Rich Kahn, Randy Kimbrell

        Don Callen

Board Members absent:  Doug Shumway and Judy Sypkens


Members Attending: John Epler, Marilyn Wrucke, John Wrucke, Nancy Larsen

        Gene Newman

        Carlo Pensyl

        Richard Henry (New Resident to join club)


The Minutes from the September 10, 2018 Meeting were approved.


Treasurer Report:   Ruth Naponick reported we have a balance of $ (need number from Ruth).  Membership dues will be collected starting in Dec. 2018.  Deadline for membership renewal is January 31, 2019.


Unfinished Business:


Rosie Epler asked Carlo Pensyl, a member of the POA Finance Committee to give an overview of the importance of organized play and court usage from the POA/Robson perspective.  Going forward, in order to obtain funds for requested expansion, maintenance, etc., clubs must demonstrate viability and organized usage, along with willingness to financially participate, in order to secure funding.


The Board then addressed the issue of making current Wednesday and Thursday organized social play, Organized Club Play.


The Board decided, by a 5 – 0 vote, to implement the following additions to our Organized Club Play:


Wednesday Men’s Tennis will become Organized Club Play with Gene Newman and Rich Kahn as organizers.  Signup sheets will be in the kiosk, all levels are welcome to sign up.

Thursday Men/Women Mixed Doubles will become Organized Club Play with Rich Kahn and Deb Riddell as the organizers.  Signup sheets will be in the kiosk.  All are encouraged to sign up.



Wednesday Men’s Club Play will start on Wednesday, November 7th @ 8 a.m.


Thursday Men/Women Mixed Doubles will become Organized Club Play starting on Thursday, November 8th @ 8 a.m.


Organizers will reserve 6 courts for organized play on Wednesday and Thursday in the ReserveMYCourt system.  Organizers will release (drop) any courts not being used 24-48 hours in advance to make them available for social play.


Start Times For Organized Play   Approved by Board Members by vote of 5 - 0


8:00 Start Time    October 8 through December 1

9:00 Start Time    December 3 though March 30



2019 Tennis Tournament – March 11 – 15 (M-F) with Saturday reserved for a makeup day if any games are cancelled due to weather.


Dates approved by Board Members by vote of 5 – 0.  Dates will not be changed


Les Dellow indicated to that he would be willing to be on the Tournament Committee.

Rosie suggested Jerry Veydt and Peter Lofurno also be asked to serve on the committee as they had several suggestions after the last tournament.


Fence Painting will take place at the end of January – February, 2019.  Schedule will be posted.  The fences, screens, etc. will first be power washed.  The fencing material is plastic coated and does not require recoating. The gates, poles, light standards, light boxes, etc. will receive a 2-coat electrostatic paint system.


The process will require 6 days total.  3 courts will be closed at a time and 3 will remain open for play


Court Scorekeepers  The Board decided in a 5 – 0 Vote to try out a different scorekeeper for the courts.  The current ones have not been holding up and are fairly expensive.  Three (3) Flip card type scorekeepers will be ordered by Rich or Randy and placed on Courts 3, 4, and 5 to test durability. We have found these for approximately 1/3 of the cost of the other type.



Tennis ball removal  The Board thanks Ted Zickefoose for his help over the past few years in removing the used balls from the court, sorting, filling the ball machine, etc.  Dave Sypkens has volunteered to assume this responsibility.  Craig Nelson has found someone in the community to donate balls and racquets for youth in the area. Ruth will contact Craig for additional information regarding this  program.




Court #2 has had issues with “rippling” of the top layer of the court surface on very cold days.  In May 2018, Don Callen met with the owner of company that did the new 4 – layer surface on Court 2.  The court resurfacing is still under warranty.  The Owner came down and inspected the court with Don.  He made slits in the top layer of the surface that may help to elevate problem of rippling during cold weather.  Randy and Don will continue to monitor the court.  We will not be able to tell if this “fix” works until the weather gets cold.


Robson Ranch Social

Rich Kahn gave an update on the participation and plans for the day. There are approximately 50 players participating from both groups.


$15.00/person is being collected for the bus ride. The balance will be paid from Club Funds. Rich will invite Mr. & Mrs. Robson to attend the event. Mike Taylor has also been invited. Randy will contact Rick Dawes and ask him to attend the event as the photographer.



Social Committee:

Marilyn Wrucke reported that they have organized a Tennis Clinic to be given by Mike Premo on Thursday, October 18.  This will be a One Hour Clinic.  Cost:  $10 per person.  Open to both Men and Women.  Signup sheets are that the courts in the kiosk.  Maximum – 8 people.  A second session will be added if there are enough sign ups.  Make checks payable to Marilyn Wrucke and place them in the envelope in the kiosk.  Money will be refunded in case of rain.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.


Rosie Epler