Quail Creek Resort Community, Sahuarita, Arizona

Mar 2018 Minutes

Quail Creek Tennis Club

Board Meeting Minutes,

Monday, March 5, 2018


Call to Order – 2:00 pm by President Mike Wagner

Attendance – Mike Wagner, David Kidwell, Pam Campbell, Jeanine Van Hoorn, Dave Winter; and incoming board members Don Callen, Rich Kahn, and Doug Shumway

Approval of Minutes             February 5, 2018 Board meeting minutes were approved

                                                February 7, 2018 Gen. Membership meeting minutes were approved

Monthly Treasurer’s Report (November) – Balance 2/28/18 is $8004.80

Players – 131

Unfinished Business

    1. Tournament Report -- Ruth Naponick reported that the tournament was a success, the committee did an extraordinary job, and was very well organized by Joanna Miller, John Epler, and Carlo Pensyl.  The Social Committee served pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches after the final match of the tournament.  Ruth agreed with Joanna Miller’s comment that the QCTC Board and Committee should create a questionnaire to be completed by participants in order to continue a tournament format in which members want to participate.  Rich Kahn suggested the tournament include the same number of games but shorten the length to 2 days so there is not so much ‘down’ time and hopefully not need so many subs.  Mike Wagner felt those who played in the recent tournament should be polled.  Doug Shumway, Don Callen, and Rich volunteered to help Mike create a questionnaire – they will also ask Joanna Miller to help them.
    2. Recycle Bins - Doug Shumway volunteered to empty recycle bins, keeping track of how often the bins are emptied.  He will report data at the April board meeting.

Committee Reports

    1. Maintenance (David Kidwell) - David will talk to Gary Jones about replacing score tenders.  Curt Haug ordered parts for the ball sweeper.  Doug Shumway will replace David Kidwell as the Board maintenance representative.
    2. Communications (Pam Campbell) – Six messages were sent via Mail Chimp.  Marilyn Wrucke had suggested to Pam and Ruth that QCTC look into the capabilities available in ‘My Grove’. 
    3. Rules (Dave Winter) – no report.  Don Callen will replace Dave as Board representative. Rich Kahn will become an administrator on ‘Reserve My Court’ – replacing Dave Winter.
    4. Social (Rosie Epler) – The Social Committee is still working with Daniel for final menu for the tennis banquet.  Curt told Rosie and Jeanine that he would make margaritas for the Cinco de Mayo social.  We need to get this information to the Social Committee.  The Valentine’s Social was great.  Over 100 people signed up but about 20 of those people did not show – about 6 pizzas were left over.  We need to remind members that food is purchased based on total signups.
    5. Sunshine (Ruth Naponick) – Two cards were sent.

New Business

    1. Change of start time for organized play.  The board decided that organizers will choose the start time.  Don said that currently there are only four days of organized play.  At some point in the future, new courts will be built.  He raised that point that it would be difficult to request more than 6 courts if our current courts are not used on a regular basis.
    2. General Membership Meeting scheduled for March 7, 2018.  Pam cancelled the room request since the meeting was not necessary.
    3. 2019 room requests.  Pam will submit requests for board meetings and general membership meetings.  The Social Committee is aware that they must submit requests for the Ladies’ Christmas Luncheon and the Tennis Banquet.
    4. Change of signatures at bank.  Jeanine suggested that Ruth and Rosie both be added since Mike is away during the summer.  They will also need to get a new debit card for QCTC use.
    5. Wind socks.  The board decided wind socks were not needed.
    6. The new officers elected at the February 7, 2018, General Membership Meeting are as follows:  President – Mike Wagner, Vice President – Rosie Epler, Treasurer – Ruth Naponick, Secretary – Pam Campbell, Members at Large – Don Callen, Rich Kahn and Doug Shumway.



Adjournment:  3:30 pm

Next Board Meeting:  2:00 PM, April 2, 2018, at Kino Center in the Conference Room.


Respectfully submitted,

Pam Campbell, Secretary