Quail Creek Resort Community, Sahuarita, Arizona

Jan 2018 Minutes

Quail Creek Tennis Club

Board Meeting Minutes,

Monday, January 8, 2018


Call to Order – 2:00 pm by President Mike Wagner

Attendance – Mike Wagner, Pam Campbell, Jeanine Van Hoorn, Rosie Epler, Dave Winter

Approval of Minutes – December 4, 2017 approved

Monthly Treasurer’s Report (November) – Balance 12/31/17 is $5641.27

Players – 159

Unfinished Business

    1. Ruth Naponick sent information that the 2018 tournament sign-up was posted in the kiosk on January 1, 2018.  The team draft meeting will be held on February 8th; and a captain’s meeting will be held on February 13th.  To date, 18 players have signed up to play.  Mike will ask Ruth to move the sign-up sheet so it faces court 1.
    2. David Kidwell sent a report that three people have indicated interest in serving on the QCTC Board – Gary Jones, Rich Kahn, and Doug Shumway.  Ruth Naponick will become the new treasurer; Gary, Rich, and Doug will fill the positions for member-at-large.
    3. Mike reported that a tennis member had mentioned he did not receive the mail chimp about the upcoming tournament.  Pam and Jeanine will get together to compare the member list on the roster with the member list in mail chimp.

Committee Reports

    1. Maintenance (David Kidwell) – Mike gave Jeanine a $77.43 bill from Gary Jones for the new bins on the courts used to collect used tennis balls.
    2. Communications/PR (Pam Campbell) – no report
    3. Rules (Dave Winter) – no report
    4. Social (Rosie Epler) – no report
    5. Sunshine (Ruth Naponick) – no report

New Business

    1. Gene Newman is the new organizer for Monday play.
    2. Nobody has taken responsibility for emptying the recycle bins on the court.  Mike will talk to Pat Newport – it was her suggestion to buy the recycle bins.

Adjournment:  2:50 pm

Next Board Meeting:  2:00 PM, February 5, 2018, at Kino Center in the Conference Room.

Next General Meeting:  3:00 PM, February 7, 2018 at Kino Center in the Ocotillo Room


Respectfully submitted,  Pam Campbell, Secretary