Quail Creek Resort Community, Sahuarita, Arizona

Feb 2018 Minutes

Quail Creek Tennis Club

Board Meeting Minutes,

Monday, February 5, 2018


Call to Order – 2:00 pm by President Mike Wagner

Attendance – Mike Wagner, David Kidwell, Pam Campbell, Jeanine Van Hoorn, Rosie Epler, Dave Winter, Ruth Naponick

Approval of Minutes – January 8, 2018 approved

Monthly Treasurer’s Report (November) – Balance 1/31/18 is $8182.27

Players – 119

Unfinished Business

    1. Ruth Naponick reported that the Tournament Committee will select team members on February 8th.  To date, 43 members have signed up to play; we still need more women B-players.  Ruth will send a mail chimp message out after the teams have been chosen that will list each team.  The teams will then be asked to meet and select a captain.
    2. David Kidwell reported that five (5) men have expressed interest in the three (3) open board positions.  David will talk to them to make sure they are still interested in  serving on the board.
    3. The QCTC Board decided for the good of the club that members need to reserve their own courts.
    4. At the February 7th General Meeting, Mike will raise the topic of emptying recycle bins.
    5. Pam and Jeanine did compare the QCTC membership list with the Mail Chimp list and several changes.  Pam will email Cindy Pokorski regarding problems with members on the Mail Chimp list who are either ‘unsubscribed’ or ‘cleaned’.
    6. There was a discussion regarding pro-rating dues for short time players.  It was decided to keep dues at $25 for all players.

Committee Reports

    1. Maintenance (David Kidwell) – Lids on recycle bins do not stay closed so David will remove the lids.
    2. Communications/PR (Pam Campbell) – 1 mail chimp message sent
    3. Rules (Dave Winter) – no report
    4. Social (Rosie Epler) – Social committee will provide pulled pork sandwiches and/or brats on the last day of the tournament.
    5. Sunshine (Ruth Naponick) – 1 get-well card was sent


New Business



Adjournment:  3:25 pm

Next Board Meeting:  2:00 PM, March 5, 2018, at Kino Center in the Conference Room.

Next General Meeting:  3:00 PM, February 7, 2018 at Kino Center in the Ocotillo Room


Respectfully submitted,

Pam Campbell, Secretary