Quail Creek Resort Community, Sahuarita, Arizona

Feb 2018 Gen Meeting

Quail Creek Tennis Club

General Membership Meeting Minutes,

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Kino Conference Center, Ocotillo Room, 3 PM


Call to Order – Mike Wagner at 3:00

Attendance – Mike Wagner, David Kidwell, Pam Campbell, Jeanine Van Hoorn, Rosie Epler, Dave Winter, Ruth Naponick.  16 members were present.

Approval of Minutes – Minutes for the November 8, 201, General Membership Meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Jeanine Van Hoorn

  1. Balance as of January 31, 2018 – $8182.27
  2. Membership:  Players 127

New Business

Nominating Committee – David Kidwell

David presented the names of Rich Kahn, Don Callen, and Doug Shumway to fill the three positions for members-at-large on the QCTC Board.  Two positions are 2-year terms and one position is a 1-year term.  Gary Jones made a motion to accept the slate of officers presented by the Board, and Dave Winter seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  The new members were asked to attend the QCTC Board meeting on March 5th.

Club Tournament – Ruth Naponick

This year’s team tournament will run from February 26 through March 2.  The tournament committee will meet February 8th to pull the teams.  Ruth will send a mail chimp message to announce the teams on February 9th.  Teams should meet to pick a captain and a team name.   The committee will meet with the team captains on February 13th.  John Epler and Carlo Pensyl will create the schedule for the tournament, which should be posted February 14th or 15th.  There will probably be 5 teams.  More women B players are still needed.

Social Committee – Marilyn Wrucke

The next tennis social is Sunday, February 11th.  Tennis begins at 3 PM and pizza and salad will be served at 4 PM.  The social committee will also provide food for the final day of the tournament.  April 22nd is the date of the Tennis Banquet.  The Cinco de Mayo social will be held May 6th.

Rosie Epler thanked Marilyn and the social committee for organizing the recent women’s tennis clinic.  It was well received.

Court Maintenance – David Kidwell

David said volunteers were needed to empty the recycle bins on a weekly basis.  Pat Newport will find volunteers who will sign up for each month.


Reserve My Court – Mike Wagner

The QCTC Board decided for the good of the club that members need to reserve their own courts.

Bylaws – Mike Wagner

Current bylaws:  Article V.  Officers and Committees    Section 1 B.   The Nominating Committee shall develop a slate of candidates for presentation at the February meeting.  The slate presented maintain one candidate for each vacant position.  Nominees are required to be active, playing members of the QCTC and year-round residents.  Any QCTC active, playing member in good standing may nominate him/herself for any open board position commencing four (4) weeks prior to the February general membership meeting.  All candidates must meet the following provisions: (1) Membership dues paid up and owning no fines or fees to QCTC.  (2) Member currently not on probation or suspension.  (3) All individual nominations shall be received by the Board Secretary.

After much discussion, it was suggested the third (3rd) sentence be rewritten as:    Nominees are required to be active, playing members of the QCTC and homeowners.

This change will be presented at the November 7, 2018, general meeting.


Glenn Johnson asked if we could consider inviting the Sahuarita H.S. tennis team to play with QCTC members on our courts and then provide refreshments or a light meal.  Pat Newport stated she would like to see support of youth teams.

Adjournment -  Gary Jones made a motion to adjourn, and Anne Jones seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 4:05 PM

Next Board Meeting:  March 7, 2018

Place:  Kino Center, Conference Room, 2 PM

Next General Meeting:  November 7, 2018

Place:  Kino Center, Ocotillo Room, 3 PM

Respectfully submitted, Pam Campbell, Secretary