Quail Creek Resort Community, Sahuarita, Arizona

Dec 2017 Minutes

Quail Creek Tennis Club

Board Meeting Minutes,

Monday, December 4, 2017


Call to Order – 2:00 pm by President Mike Wagner

Attendance – Mike Wagner, David Kidwell, Pam Campbell, Rosie Epler, Ruth Naponick, Dave Winter (Jeanine Van Hoorn via phone)

Approval of Minutes – October 2, 2017 approved

Monthly Treasurer’s Report (November) – Balance 11/30/17 is $6420.37

Players – 159

Unfinished Business

    1. Dave Winter reported that the tennis tournament committee will meet today following the board meeting.  Joanna Miller thinks there should be a permanent date for the club tournament.  She will suggest the tournament should be held the first week in March.
    2. David Kidwell (nominating committee) has spoken to several people and has two volunteers – Gary Jones and Doug Shumway.  He plans to speak to several more members.

Committee Reports

    1. Maintenance (David Kidwell) – The lids on the recently-purchased bins will not stay closed so David will put screws in the lids.  Mike said that Gary Jones recently purchased six new bins; the other bins will be used for recycling materials.
    2. Communications/PR (Pam Campbell) – 3 messages were sent out via mail chimp:  Nov. 6 – notice of General Membership Meeting; Nov. 18 – notice for volunteers for 2018 tournament committee, as well as a notice a minimum that two men are needed to fill board positions, and a reminder that dues are due by January 31st; Nov. 20 – reminder of Ladies’ Holiday Luncheon and the change of start time to 9 AM on Dec. 4th.
    3. Rules (Dave Winter) – no report
    4. Social (Rosie Epler) – The Social Committee did a good job today with the .Ladies’ Holiday Luncheon was held at 11:30 this morning.
    5. Sunshine (Ruth Naponick) – Ruth is redoing the kiosk bulletin boards and will submit a bill to Jeanine.

New Business

    1. Court washing will take place on the second and fourth Thursday afternoons in December.   Courts 1,2,6 – second week.  Courts 3,4,5 – fourth week.
    2. Communication about the upcoming tournament, as well as other club events, should be placed in “What’s Happening” and “Quail Creek Crossing”.
    3. Mike will again look at “My Grove”, a new program that can be used for tennis sign-ups as well as other communications.  He will send links for the program to board members for their review.
    4. Rosie said we should remind members that there is a website for our QCTC logo shirts, jackets, etc.

Adjournment:  3:15 pm

Next Board Meeting:  2:00 PM, January 8, 2018, at Kino Center in the Conference Room.


Respectfully submitted,

Pam Campbell, Secretary