Quail Creek Resort Community
Sahuarita, Arizona

                        Monday Mens Organized Play

          Monday June 26- 1 Session

          NEW START TIME 7:30


                 Start Time 7:30 


        Group:       Court:                           Players:                    


         X.              3               Rich, Carlo, Gary & Don


          Y.              4               John, Gene, Doug & Rick


         Z.              5               Ted, Jimmy C, Craig & Jim T





              IV             SUBS               CURT and  DAN P










         Note:  THE ABOVE PLAY will be treated as a Scrample



Note: find a sub if you scratch the Saturday before play. If                              you can't, then notify the players on your court so they                          can try to find a sub.  Also, notify the person in charge                          of what has been done.


Call Gene @ 520-904-7805 with questions 






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